Welcome to the documentation of Juggl. Juggl is the next generation of PKM-focused graph views! It is completely customizable and extendable, with many advanced features out of the box. - **Code** is on Github: https://github.com/HEmile/juggl - **Support the development** of Juggl: - Buy me a kofi: https://ko-fi.com/Emile - Paypal.me: https://paypal.me/EvanKrieken # Features ![[juggl trailer.gif]] ## Styling With Juggl you have completely control over the [[Styling|Style]] of your graph. You can use a special [[Style Pane]] that is very easy to use. For more advanced styling, you can use [[CSS Styling|CSS]] and [[YAML Styling|YAML]]. ## Workspace mode A very extensive new [[Workspace mode]] designed for keeping the focus on just the right notes. **Interactivity**: You can control the highly interactive graph using a special **[[Workspace mode#Radial context menu|radial context menu]]** and the [[Workspace mode#Toolbar|toolbar]]. - Select, expand and collapse nodes - Pin nodes in place - Hide and filter nodes from view **[[Workspace mode#Saving and loading|Save and load graphs]]** so you can always continue your work from where you left it. You can choose from **four [[Layouts|layout]] options**: 1. Force-directed 2. Circle 3. Grid 4. Hierarchical ### Breadcrumbs integration The popular Obsidian plugin for maintaining hierarchies '[Breadcrumbs](https://github.com/SkepticMystic/breadcrumbs)' is [[Breadcrumbs integration|tightly integrated]] with Juggl! You can render hierachies using Juggl or create custom [[Breadcrumbs code blocks]]! This one of the most useful applications of Juggl. ![[Pasted image 20220127142536.png]] ### Code block You can use "[[Juggl code block|code block]]s" to embed graphs within your Obsidian note! You can even use the graph you saved in the [[Workspace mode]]. ### More! - **Mobile ready!** While still buggy, the graph works on mobile - Has a **navigation element** that keeps an overview of the total graph - Supports stylable [[Link Types]]. You can use this to add labels to edges, for example - Supports a [[Global Graph mode|global graph]] for small vaults, and an Obsidian-like [[Local Graph mode|local graph]]. - Ready to be extended by other plugins through the [[Juggl API]] # Implementations and licensing Juggl currently only has an implementation for [[Obsidian]]. However, the meat of the code is not necessarily reliant on Obsidian and could be ported to other PKM software. If you are interested, you can contact [[Emile van Krieken|me]], preferrably on [[Discord]]. Note that Juggl is GPL3 **dual-**licensed. Contact me for details. <iframe src="https://github.com/sponsors/HEmile/card" title="Sponsor HEmile" height="225" width="600" style="border: 0;"></iframe> --- #plugin - author [[Emile van Krieken]]