You can filter the nodes in the graph using the Filter toolbar:

Pasted image 20210413145227.png

This filter also appears in the Style Pane:

Pasted image 20210413145921.png

The syntax of this simulates the search syntax in Obsidian, with some limitations and extra features.

Search Operators

  • file:, path:, content: and tag: all work as documented in the Obsidian help vault
  • class: Search based on CSS class.
  • raw: Search using a CSS selector. For example, if you have a YAML attribute like year, you can get all nodes after 2000 using raw:[year>2000].
  • Any attribute you use in your YAML frontmatter can be used for querying, for instance aliases:, color: and title:.


  • Hiding attachments: -class:file
  • Hiding images: -class:image
  • Hiding dangling nodes: -class:dangling
  • You can add those filters to the Style Pane to quickly hide and unhide them


Regex does not work, nor do the section:, line: and block: operators.