Global Graph mode

Juggl supports a global graph like the one in Obsidian that shows all your notes in a single graph. You can open it from the left ribbon:

Pasted image 20210330193014.png

You will get a warning sign when you first open the Global Graph view:
Pasted image 20210402152820.png

Like this warning says, Juggl is not designed for larger vaults, and opening the global graph will very likely freeze Obsidian! This functionality is only provided as a convenience option for smaller vaults (like the one you're looking at).

If you are looking for a global graph for larger vaults, we advise to stick with the vanilla Obsidian graph. It is exceptionally well optimized and can look very beautiful with the color group functionality. While there are plans to include a performance mode to scale to slightly larger graphs, it is highly unlikely Juggl will ever manage graphs as large as in the vanilla Obsidian graph.