Style Pane


The easiest way to style a group of nodes is the Style Pane. You can style nodes using a simple user interface that already provides a large amount of options.

The style pane is a separate view which opens by default in the right sidebar of Obsidian:

A group of nodes is chosen using a Filter. The styling options for each group of nodes are

  • Show or hide the group
  • Shape and color
  • Icon and icon color
  • Relative size of the nodes and text

Global and local style groups

With the style pane you can create both local and global style groups. What's the difference?

Global style groups

Global style groups are applied to every Juggl graph you open. They are saved together with your global Juggl settings.

Local style groups

Local style groups are specific to one graph. The style pane will show the local style groups of your currently active graph. So, if you click on the workspace leaf where your graph is opened, it will show the local style groups associated with that graph!

Local style groups are saved together with a Workspace graph.