You can style the graph of Juggl in many ways. On this page you can find for each use case how best to use the styling options provided.

Styling groups of nodes and edges

Styling groups of nodes can be done using the Style Pane, which is easy but limited, and using CSS, which has a lot more options but is also harder to get started with.

It is recommended to start with the Style Pane, but if you want to go all-in to the plugin, it can be worth it to learn CSS styling!

Styling individual nodes

The third option for styling is using the YAML frontmatter of Obsidian notes. This allows for styling individual nodes. You can for example add an image in YAML that Juggl will show in the node to make it easily recognizable.

Styling individual edges

Juggl does not yet support styling individual edges, but this will be possible in the future through the new implementationo Link Types. You can use CSS to style based on simple link types, though!


What priority does each styling option get?

In general, the idea is to make more specific styling options have higher priority. That is, in decreasing order of priority, we have YAML, local style groups, global style groups, CSS and default styling.