Juggl API

The first release of the Juggl API is now available from https://github.com/HEmile/juggl-api .

It is easy using Cytoscape.js to create an API for other plugin developers to use, to interact with Juggl. This could allow extending the graph view with eg automatically adding data from external sources, such as citation graphs, or with a different syntax for creating graphs.


Users of the API should be able to extend Juggl in the following ways. If something is missing, please let me know.

Add additional data

Add additional nodes and relations to the graph. This could for instance be used to connect papers to their citations (and to papers they cite), like in Connected Papers. There are many other sources of information to extract data from.

Other ideas might be extracting a graph from the Markdown, such as adding the outline of a note like in the Mind Map plugin, or developing new syntax for generating graphs.

Manipulate the Graph View

Add UI's on top of the graph view, or add ways of interacting with the visualization.
Possible hooks:

  • Initialization of the visualization
  • Context menu
  • Before query
  • After nodes are added

Manipulate styling of the graph

Allow plugins to further manipulate styling of the graph.


  • All interfaces
  • Utility methods like tags parsing