Semantic Obsidian


Semantic Obsidian is a long-term project to think of and develop plugins inspired by Semantic Markdown, Property Graphs and Semantic Desktops.

The goal is to create from Obsidian a Personal Knowledge Management system that is traversed mainly from graphs in Juggl. This requires very strong and interactable graph visualization. It also requires a data-format that can easily be queried and extended, and can model linear, non-linear and hierarchical relations between files and notes.

In Semantic Obsidian, notes are the main entities. They have both loose associations through inline wikilinks and backlinks, and strong links through Link Types with properties. They can be used to provide cues for files that are related.

This gives the following requirements for the Graph View Plugin:

  • A clear and interactable graph view
    • Save and load graphs
    • Style the graphs
  • A text-first data format
    • Data format should easily be extended and converted to other formats
    • Data format should be local
    • Data format should be optional
      • Users should be free to choose to formalize data to any degree
      • Advanced use should not be in view if not needed.
  • Annotate links with Link Types and properties
  • Easily extendable through an API