Neo4j Stream

Export your vault to Neo4j.
Later on, this will allow for Cypher querying in Juggl

Add better support for creating and maintaining link types. Also provide new syntax for inline link types and properties on links. A discussion on syntax is in Link Types.

  • Inline typed links
  • Properties on links
  • Preview typed links using templates
  • Autocomplete typed links

Style Pane for edges

Makes it easier to style typed links, and to filter edges.

Outline in compound nodes

The outline of a note is essentially a tree. As it is completely hierarchical wrt the node representing the note, it can be nicely rendered and collapsed using compound nodes, like in


This will likely be used in the Style Pane for edges.

Edit your data in the graph

  • Create edges by dragging nodes together
  • Add new nodes to the graph
  • Rename files from the graph
  • Edit YAML metadata
  • Drag files into the graph

Juggl API

It is easy using Cytoscape.js to create an API for other plugin developers to use, to interact with Juggl. This could allow extending the graph view with eg automatically adding data from external sources, such as citation graphs, or with a different syntax for creating graphs.


  • Preview movie and pdf files using thumbnails
  • Add external (Markdown) links to the graph. Clicking on that node opens the link in your browser
  • Size individual notes using YAML metadata

Ideas to discuss

Compound nodes to represent hierachies